Thursday, April 25, 2013

Being Your Own Boss Problems

I wrote this early this year and found this again today. There have been a lot of changes in my life and the most recent one relates to this. I could not have reread this in a better time. Thanks, me!

When being your own Boss means being your own employee too: a letter to myself.

Dear Coy, 

I have been trying to write about this days ago at the time when I was (we were?) dreading to commute to Makati with 45 pieces of planners to restock in bookstores. I couldn’t find the time because 1) we were so busy with the shipments that happen everyday, and 2) we have a day job that we love and decided to keep.

1)    20 hard bound pieces of planners are already heavy…
2)    We live in Fairview
3)    We don’t have a driver, much more a car and
4)    I am my own boss but I am my own employee (You are my Boss, and you are my employee? Haha. Hope this does not develop a second personality. We can't afford therapy!)

When our dear friends-turned-business-partners and we decided to get serious about our start up business, I would like to think that I absolutely knew what I was diving in to: that having our own business would entail work on top of our current one and that it will not be easy. Looking back now, I think I knew and in fact I was scared.

Anyhoo, I commuted to Makati with whatever number of stocks I could physically carry. I got through the day unscathed and realized that the determination we had when we were much younger is still here. Huzzah!

And so I end this short note that serves you two purposes: 1) is to remind you that some things are really not easy but it probably is worth working hard for anyway, and 2) being your own boss (when you’re still a small company) means you are your own secretary, assistant, delivery guy, PR person, sales analyst, web designer, community manager, production line employee, and janitor all at the same time.

Happy Tuesday! 
You'll most probably make it! :) 

P.S. I'll probably read this later and realize that my trail of thought is wack and this definitely lacks structure and flow. Why am I thinking/writing in fragments?

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Study of Kois

I've been thinking about tattoos lately.
This afternoon, I decided to design one for myself should I have the guts to get one. Haha.

This on my nape.
Maybe. When I'm ready.

I wanted to make an artwork out of the line drawing of the kois but I can't quite finish it:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Midnight Swim

It's been ages since I posted an artwork of mine here. So, here you go.
This is inspired by the song Midnight Swim of Incubus. What do you think?